River Thames

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The River Thames is 215 miles long (346 km), the longest river in England (second longest in the UK). Boasting 45 locks, this river draws attention from locals and visitors alike. We're proud and pleased to have the river boarder Maidenhead!

Celebrating 25 years!

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Maidenhead Heritage Centre was founded in April 1993 by the Maidenhead Civic Society and Maidenhead Historical and the Archaeological Society. It became an independent charity in 1995. It operated from 6 different premises before buying its own building, which was opened to the public in summer 2008.

Maidenhead Waterways Restoration Group

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Maidenhead Waterways Restoration Group (Maidenhead Waterways or MW) is a charity set up by the people of Maidenhead for the town of Maidenhead, to restore and enlarge the old waterways that run through Maidenhead town centre. The project is one of the key elements of  the Royal Borough's adopted Area Action Plan to rejuvenate and grow Maidenhead town centre.